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What is the Goldfinger-Report™?

The Goldfinger-Report™ is a countercyclical Newsletter with buy recommendations, information and strategies for the worldwide stock market, published and created by the German investor and author – Alexander J. Fuchs.

What is so different or special about our report?

In contrast to the other, mostly conservative stock market letters which often only recommending the same big old titles, that just about every newspaper or "adviser" are talking about, we lay our main focus on the so-called "10 bagger". Stocks and other lever products, such as options-which have at least the potential of a tenfold. However, this does not mean, that we lay no value on risk limitation. Also here we have developed certain models and strategies to be able to offer buy recommendations to our subscribers, with special high course potential and at the same time, optimum risk management. For us it is all about the exchange of valuable information, therefore the Goldfinger-Report™ holds specific buy recommendations and strategies for the worldwide stock market (most of in the gold and silver sector) in the highest concentrated and at the same time, most easiest form possible. So that even the average person, who never had something to do with stocks, could understand the mechanisms of the stock market and the money system itself, to really have an opportunity to get financial independent.

The recommendations and estimates are often very contrary compared with the generally prevailing opinions of the media and the so-called "experts". That's because the author Team is fully aware of the "secret" plans that the self-proclaimed world elite are pushing for-so you will always trade with an holistic-system, simply because where others are just seeing pixel, you will get the whole picture.

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