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FEMA Camps 2017?!


The Vampire watch!

Watch this video!!!


Demolition Man predicted the NWO!


The Downfall of the West!


The Truth about Hitler!

Listen for yourself!


Race war is coming!

This is what I was telling folks in the USA years ago! Prepare yourself - especially if you are white!


Another great Interview with G. Edward Griffin

Get yourself some time and enjoy this "oldschool-truther"!


"The creature from Jekyll Island!

Here is a wonderful interview with the legendary G. Edward Griffin (“The creature of Jekyll Island”) on the independent podcast “USAWatchdog.com” with the sincere host – Greg Hunter!


Doug Casey at his best!

This interview is really a masterpiece. And I don’t mean the way the discussion is leaded by this very “phony” presenter – I mean the way Mr. Casey is fighting his way through the “shepple mindsets” of the audience and some very rough statements. Mr. Casey always stayed calm and destroyed just every argument, that’s made. Get yourself a nice cup of green tea and some good healthy food, and enjoy this very “rare” interview of this Billionaire! The context of this interview is red-hot!


"Street Knowledge"!

“Even” Mike Tyson got it!


Robert Kiyosaki

Here is a great interview with Robert Kiyosaki on a “new” broadcast show, called “London Real”. I think this is one of the best independent broadcast shows ever, which deserve far more clicks, like these other mindless BS on You Tube! The way the interviews are conduct, keeps you really on track + the guests are (sometimes) very interesting! Enjoy!


Basic Knowledge!

Here, some basic knowledge about our finance system, if you want to become a “Goldfinger” by yourself. The Video series is from Mike Maloney! “The biggest Scam in the History of Mankind!”

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