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Living the Dream!

Living the dream! Even though people may have different ideas and philosophies about life, I think every human being on earth, wanting essentially the same 3 things: Wealth, Health and freedom.


But in the 21st Century, these three key elements that form a happy life are at …

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Offline vs. Online business

The world of business has changed dramatically over the last 25 years. Thru the internet, it is now possible to reach out millions and billions of customers worldwide! Just thru a website! Kids and very young people with an open mind, creativity and the right ideas are now becoming multi …

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The problem with most self-help books and gurus

I am sure you all know some self – help books, like “think and grow rich” from Napoleon Hill (great book!) or other “gurus” from this kind of field, like Brian Tracy. These are all great books and good hearted people, but these programs have all one problem. They all …

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Survival of the fittest! How to be among the 1% in the 21st century

When you “believing” the theory of selection by Charles Darwin – only the fittest are surviving! In the 21st Century – the time of the internet, fast food, Facebook, Apple and co. – the rules of the fittest are still working. Today, it is not enough to have a …

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Why the global Elite loves porn!!!

Porn? Yes you read correctly! Now, for all the skeptics out there, (which will probably think that I am a “moron”) – I will try to leave out all kinds of ethical or moral arguments that could lead anyhow, to a “religious” discussion on this very important topic!


Why …

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