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Living the Dream!

Living the dream! Even though people may have different ideas and philosophies about life, I think every human being on earth, wanting essentially the same 3 things: Wealth, Health and freedom.


But in the 21st Century, these three key elements that form a happy life are at great danger.


Wealth: The middle class of the western civilization is shrinking year after year! That is because people don’t get the right knowledge about business and money in school and therefore becoming only a “match ball” for the rich! Furthermore, the entrepreneur spirit is no longer socially promoted.


Health: GMO foods, sugar, gluten, Aspartame, Fluoride, Chemtrails – just to name a few substances and methods that are killing our health every day.  Also our Health system in general, is totally corrupted by the greedy pharmaceutical industry that thrives on keeping us sick!


Freedom: Big brother is watching us – everyday! Never ever in the history of mankind, people were so monitored like today! Every email, “every” transaction via credit card, every phone call, almost every step we take, gets observed by an super high tech police state. I am a German, and I can tell you, the Stasi, (Hitler) and Stalin could only dream about on what is now happening in the United States! (Well, I have my own opinion when it comes to Hitler!!!) I don’t want to offend anyone, and I think the Idea and the spirit of (old) America is one of the biggest accomplishments in the history of mankind. But unfortunately, that is only the “good old” history! Now, the United States of America has become the biggest prison in the entire world! Even though the standard of living is still very high in America, people have less and less rights and when it comes to business and Entrepreneurship (which once made this country so great),  I would say – the United States is one of the worst countries to found a company in (if you are a US Citizen!!!).


In some chapters of this e-book, you will notice what I really mean by this last statement. Because a lot of things are very difficult to practice for you guys from the US – but they are also some solutions I will present in this e-book. I think if you are really a freedom loving Entrepreneur, you will take the radical steps that are necessary to live a free life!


What has this all to do with “living the dream” you might ask!


Well, you first must know what is really going on in the world to be free, healthy and living your dreams! Today, you really need to take radical steps, to live your dreams!!!Now, maybe this all sounds very depressing – so I will give you an inside of my Life, because I really live my dreams and I think everybody can do it, when you know the New World Order (NWO) that I just briefly described. Even in this very time with all these distractions, nonsense and the global police state, I am still a freelancer and Entrepreneur, who is living a free life. That means:


  • I am financial independent!
  • Healthy!
  • Have multiple Streams of passive income!
  • Can “work” and stay, where ever I want!
  • Can “even” enjoy the sun in Florida with a beautiful crib!
  • I am Invisible for the state! (real location, Assets, Bank accounts)


And?! Sounds good? Read this e-book very carefully, and you might find yourself in the same “situation” like I am! Then, you can really live your dreams!!!

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04. June 2016 06:14:08
I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely loved every bit
of it. I have you saved as a favorite to check out
new stuff you post…
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