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Survival of the fittest! How to be among the 1% in the 21st century

When you “believing” the theory of selection by Charles Darwin – only the fittest are surviving! In the 21st Century – the time of the internet, fast food, Facebook, Apple and co. – the rules of the fittest are still working. Today, it is not enough to have a strong body and that’s it. No, due our complex society, you must fight yourself thru all the distractions out there. Porn, unhealthy food (GMO etc.), the “education system”, mainstream propaganda, Hollywood BS and so on. Only those, who aren’t falling for these controlling tools of the elites, will have a real chance to survive (living the good life). What you see on a small scale, you also can see in the big picture – people can`t control themselves – that’s why they are controlled! This is also the reason we have a global “big brother” watching us. Only the few, who can control their “weaknesses”, can`t be controlled! This group of people will form a parallel society, of less than 1% from the world population. They will be in control of their (personal wealth) and be financial independent. But these people will not just be a new class of millionaires (and billionaires) they also will and must have the knowledge about the physical and spiritual aspects of life – that are necessary to keep up with the upcoming agendas. Only because of this specific knowledge, they will be able to keeping their wealth, while the old class of millionaires – will be slowly wiped out, thru higher taxes, inflation and some “staged” crashes! (Yes, not every millionaire or billionaire is actually “smart”. To be honest, I know a lot of millionaires, who don’t have a clue about what is going on in the world. These people will be left behind.)


So how can I be among the 1%?!


  1. You have to know “the game”!
  2. You have to know “the players”!
  3. You have to know “the rules”!
  4. You have to know the agendas!
  5. You have to eat healthy and organic! Kosher!!!
  6. You must keep control over your “sex drive”! (No porn!!!)
  7. You have to avoid fluoride! (Toothpaste, tap water etc.)
  8. You have to be your “own” doctor! Don’t take “drugs”!
  9. You have to know – how to invest!
  10. You have to know – how to save!
  11. You have to know – how to manage money!!!
  12. You need to be financial independent!!!


The people with this kind of behavior patterns will thrive and be superior to 90% of the world population. But these smart individuals also have two big enemies – the Elite (the 0,001%) and the bright masses of the “sheeple”. Remember: we are over 7 billion people on this planet. Even though, the elite is trying desperately to kill us all (Chemtrails, fluoride, vaccinations etc.), it can be assumed, that the world population will grow easily to 10 Billion people in the next 10-15 years – before it will decline by war, vaccinations and new political orders. So space will be very rare in big cities. The mindless “sheeple” will be a “threat” in the way of feeding the system, which is our best friend and worst enemy at the same time! Friend: you can make huge profit with this system – as long as you are “in the know”! Enemy: the bigger and more powerful this system grows – the more our freedom and rights are at danger! That’s lead us directly to our second enemy – the Elite: even though I would consider myself as an “elitist” – I am not a mass murderer, neither a psychopath , who holds some “satanic” rituals in his basement. And I will think you neither. And that is the problem. We are smarter than 90% of the “sheeple” – but we are not heartless, cold, insane people! And that’s makes us the biggest threat to the elite (NWO) – because as I mentioned earlier, we are using the same tools as the elite (organic food, “secret knowledge”, the stock market etc.). Do they want competition?! Well, I don’t think so – since these families love monopole.

The Solution:

The new class of people (healthy, smart, millionaires/billionaires), will have to form a new power structure (secretly), within the system – to keeping the balance of power. 


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