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The problem with most self-help books and gurus

I am sure you all know some self – help books, like “think and grow rich” from Napoleon Hill (great book!) or other “gurus” from this kind of field, like Brian Tracy. These are all great books and good hearted people, but these programs have all one problem. They all teach you, most of the time, “only” the right mindsets and habits you have to developed, to be successful. And don’t get me wrong. These patterns are really important. Even I have 2 chapters written in my book (“NO MONEY? YOUR FAULT!”), about this very topic, but at one point – all these “gurus” stop. They don’t really get into details on how to make money and how to invest it! The readers then don’t know how to start. The authors just say: “safe 10% of your earnings every month and put it a sight and you will become financial independent, by the time you retire!” What? Who the hell wants to wait that long?!!! Not to mention, that the inflation or a currency reform, will kill all your savings!!! You see, the problem is - most of these authors are stuck in the 19th and 20th Century, when it comes to investing and saving. And that, my dear reader, can nowadays be very - very dangerous. Also the teachings they give you, are most of the time – only for real entrepreneurs! And like you know, everybody wants to be rich and free – but not everybody wants or can be an entrepreneur!


I am an investor and entrepreneur myself! But I always wanted to start my own business. It is in my blood, because I love doing business – but that is not what everybody wants to do and you have to know and respect that. But I am also convinced that everybody can, and should be working with his or her own hard earned “money”, to become really free and independent. And to become financial independent, you just need the right knowledge and techniques, to go down the road of investing. And that is what you will get with my book (“NO MONEY?YOUR FAULT!”)


Conclusion: For studying the human mind and developing new “circles” of habits, please check out the books from Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins – but don’t take their word, when it comes to investing (keep in mind: these guys aren’t rich because of their investments), and like I said – most of these gentlemen are stuck in the 19th and 20th century – when it comes to investing and making money!


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